Thursday, April 3, 2014

Performance 3



  1. Elliot. Like the song about the garbage truck a lot. GREAT music. Not sure it works with the action but i do like how you sped up your image because it creates a very different feeling. Have you thought about creating a performance using the The Myth of Sisyphus? You pulling the weight made me think of that this time. Also have you considered a Fluxus concert with some of the students in our class? Have you watched the Fluxus Festival?

  2. This piece made me think of insomnia. I try to sleep but I'm kept awake by the loud noises in my brain (not literal noises). I think if you didn't have the footie pajamas on, that message wouldn't have come across as clearly. I agree, though, that there need to be more weights of various sizes. Maybe even some tin cans and other stuff that could make noise.

  3. I really enjoyed this piece. I found the sound to be strong, but I did think it could have been amped up a bit with the addition of more weights. I think Lucian's comment above is right on, and I really like that layer in the piece. There is a flexibility to your pieces in terms of meaning that I enjoy, but I do wonder what you hope your audience will get out of it. I really like your use of everyday objects in all your pieces.

  4. Hahahaha, this is so funny. I love how you speed up the video to the eat of the song so all we can see is you walking back and forth with Anh's head following your movement. It makes this video completely different from your live performance. You're a true entertainer.
    About the life performance, I thoroughly enjoyed being isolated from the rest of the class and have you giving me eye contacts although I interpreted it differently form what you intended.

    Agree with Lucian, a heavier weight would be nice!