Thursday, April 10, 2014

Myrtle Beach Boogie

Above is the song I used for "Myrtle Beach Boogie". It's an odd performance to do because I can't really see what's happening around me because of the fencing mask and loud music but everyone in the audience sees a lot because of the tight shorts...yeah. I think it's a fun performance to do though because it's one of those absolutely absurd situations you really would never do outside the context of performance art or a weird fetish. It's also quintessential Elliot Sillyness.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Lying about the sound of juggling

I was worried going into this performance that my lie would not work. I thought the throwing oranges sounded enough like juggling to work and I seem to have had decent results with the audience. I liked the piece mostly because I got to play a joke on the audience in what is typically meant to be a rather serious environment. Not only did it mock art but also those attempting to enjoy it. A little mean but still funny.
Seeing Laurie Anderson's talk was an interesting experience. She's quite funny and has some interesting views on art. She has a way of storytelling that causes immense emotional impact on her listeners. I found her stories about dogs pretty entertaining. I was not very familiar with her work when I went to the talk but she has an approach to art making that seems fun. I especially liked that she said she has never made something she was happy with, she just finished it and moved on.