Thursday, April 3, 2014

Performance 3

Performance 2

Performance 2 did not go as expected. The cable unplugged prematurely and I felt cut off from what I was doing, I don't like that. Despite being nervous on stage I think it's important to import some of my own more personal touch to the piece. I want my work t have my style of showmanship and charisma and I don't think this piece had it. It also wasn't that fun to make. Well, better luck next time.

Monday, March 31, 2014



Ceiling creaking, footsteps outside the door, cough, the heater pops, an untalented rendition of "Dancing Queen" a few walls away sang in a putrid falsetto, a shout, silence.


A running fan hums, electronics click on, socks against a dirty floor, fabric rustles, blinds open.


Feet in grass, squirrels in a tree chewing, page turn, squirrels chewing, bicycle chains rattle, footsteps on brick, muttering, bird chirp.