Thursday, April 10, 2014

Myrtle Beach Boogie

Above is the song I used for "Myrtle Beach Boogie". It's an odd performance to do because I can't really see what's happening around me because of the fencing mask and loud music but everyone in the audience sees a lot because of the tight shorts...yeah. I think it's a fun performance to do though because it's one of those absolutely absurd situations you really would never do outside the context of performance art or a weird fetish. It's also quintessential Elliot Sillyness.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Lying about the sound of juggling

I was worried going into this performance that my lie would not work. I thought the throwing oranges sounded enough like juggling to work and I seem to have had decent results with the audience. I liked the piece mostly because I got to play a joke on the audience in what is typically meant to be a rather serious environment. Not only did it mock art but also those attempting to enjoy it. A little mean but still funny.
Seeing Laurie Anderson's talk was an interesting experience. She's quite funny and has some interesting views on art. She has a way of storytelling that causes immense emotional impact on her listeners. I found her stories about dogs pretty entertaining. I was not very familiar with her work when I went to the talk but she has an approach to art making that seems fun. I especially liked that she said she has never made something she was happy with, she just finished it and moved on.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Performance 3

Performance 2

Performance 2 did not go as expected. The cable unplugged prematurely and I felt cut off from what I was doing, I don't like that. Despite being nervous on stage I think it's important to import some of my own more personal touch to the piece. I want my work t have my style of showmanship and charisma and I don't think this piece had it. It also wasn't that fun to make. Well, better luck next time.

Monday, March 31, 2014



Ceiling creaking, footsteps outside the door, cough, the heater pops, an untalented rendition of "Dancing Queen" a few walls away sang in a putrid falsetto, a shout, silence.


A running fan hums, electronics click on, socks against a dirty floor, fabric rustles, blinds open.


Feet in grass, squirrels in a tree chewing, page turn, squirrels chewing, bicycle chains rattle, footsteps on brick, muttering, bird chirp.

Monday, March 24, 2014

About the Artist

Who am I as an artist? this is a question I don’t ask myself often. As a person I’m occasionally silly but passionate about what I do and what I make. I’ve been making things my whole life whether they be doodles, sculptures, inventions, or snacks. I don’t usually like to take anything I make too seriously because I find that stifling. It’s hard to make good mistakes when you worry about making something perfect right off the bat so I try not to worry.  Dada and the Futurists have always influenced me and I’ve never been one for traditional high art although I definitely appreciate finely crafted items. I make things I care about and have fun because of it and I think those two things are paramount to making something good I can be proud of for a long time.